Co-ops and Internships

Cooperative education programs (co-op) and internships allow students to gain work experience in their field. Co-ops offer academic credit and usually occur over the course of six months, with the student generally working full time and assuming specific responsibilities within the company. Internships don’t usually include credits and students generally take assignments over the summer or winter break.

The MAE co-op internship (650:496/497) provides students with the opportunity to gain practical professional experience before graduation. Prior course work and knowledge is integrated in a working mechanical engineering environment. Supervision and evaluation of the student's job performance is provided by the department in conjunction with the employing institution.

  1. The co-op Internship can be taken in the fall or spring semester, combined with the proceeding or succeeding summer months, to give the required 6 months of continuous on-the-job experience.
  2. The faculty advisor identified on the course application form assigns the final grade.
  3. Six credits earned may replace a technical elective requirement for the ME degree.
  4. Students completing the Co-op Internship will receive a certificate upon graduation.

Details and requirements for the co-op internship can be found here.